Adding trackers to multiple torrents?

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Adding trackers to multiple torrents?

Postby mightysparks » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:37 am

I have just migrated from utorrent to Deluge and it has mostly gone smoothly except for 350 torrents which have been imported without a tracker. They are from 5 different tracker sites and I have tried a few different scripts and plugins to try and add trackers to no available. I managed to edit all the torrent files and add all the different trackers, but there is no way to update this information with the torrents in Deluge. Unlike uTorrent, adding a torrent doesn't warn you it's already added and ask if you want to add to the trackers, so that way is out. I can't use a search and replace script that's available because there is no tracker already there. I added the plugin to add default trackers to all new torrents, but that doesn't help with the torrents I've already added. I'm at a loss, I need to seed these files and it's pointless if I can't. I have RSI and really do not want to go through 350 torrents manually. I've done 20 and my hands are already gone.

Is there ANYTHING available to add this information to the torrents or is uTorrent my only option?

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