Problem with Deluge 1.3.15 py2.7

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Problem with Deluge 1.3.15 py2.7

Postby xtremetpa » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:56 pm

I posted this on reddit but I havent got any responses so I will post it here.

I am seeding around 800 torrents on Deluge 1.3.15 on Win 10 Pro, and around half of them are on a network share on my Synology DS1812+ a RAID 10 array. I have mapped the drive and it has a drive letter. It connects through my TP-Link 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch via Cat 6a cable to my box. My switch is connected via cable to my FIOS router.

At random intervals, the Deluge process utilizes approximately (2 Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth), talking to Synology NAS for about 60 seconds and stops, sometimes more. Under normal circumstances, one would not think nothing of that. But I began to notice when I would be downloading torrents, something would be interrupting my seeding or downloading for 60 second or so. Interrupting meaning, zero data transfer. So, I studied task manager and found out the Deluge process was talking to my NAS with this unknown stream of data., while interrupting anything Deluge was doing at the time, I am unable to seed, download, or even move storage in Deluge, when this is occurring. Its like some type of I/O block when deluge is doing this. If I disconnect my SMB share, the reoccurring problem is gone.

So, frustrated and unable to find out why its doing that, I built a new seed box this week thinking my old Dell 9200 was bad since, lightning struck nearby recently and a switch was fried. I built a new rig on mini itx with intel I7700K cpu, 16 Gigs of ram, M2 nvme SSD. After I installed windows on that, the same exact problem is happening? I know this problem isn't that bad but I feel that I am loosing out on over 25% or more, of my seeding potential due to this i/o issue.

My Synology operates fine and is running its own deluge 1.3.14, but it gets a little unstable around 600 torrents. My Firewall is disabled in windows, ports are all forwarded, messed around with cache, and most of the settings in Deluge. I even tried the itconfig plugin and used the high performance seed preset without any avail. This problem occurs in the thin or web client. I couldn't figure out how to use debug.

Today I was doing more troubleshooting and I had put all the torrents on the NAS in 'paused' state, and disconnected the network drive. Re-enabled the drive leaving the torrents in paused state, and the problem starts again within a few minuets. Just the simple fact of adding the network map causes this problem for me. No network drive = no problem! what gives?

Screenshot shows me downloading 6 active torrents around a pace of 6 Mbps with only network drive torrents paused, and then when the 2 Mbps interference starts, Deluge goes to 0.0 KiB/s and they stop being active.

Any thoughts?

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