Scheduler and Force-recheck crashes my file

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Scheduler and Force-recheck crashes my file

Postby Mashiro » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:24 am

I am adding a lot of seeds to seeding on a PT. However, I have to schedule my torrents since we have no electricity supply at night in my dormitory. Force rechecking consumes lots of time, especially over my USB 2.0 port, which takes a whole day to check 1TB file.
Unfortunately, sometimes the checking is not completed and deluge goes to inactive state, then when the deluge becomes active again, it resumes the torrent into downloading state instead of checking state. This bothers me very much, as the files becomes crashed by deluge.
I think at least deluge should have an option that when checking completes, it pauses there instead of directly starts downloading. Also resuming from scheduler should not put a checking torrent into the downloading status.

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