Change 'Save Path' after files are moved

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Change 'Save Path' after files are moved

Postby midnightcowboy » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:01 am

First off, thanks for the work on this program, it's a great piece of software.

Now, having said that I've ran into a situation which I'm not sure Deluge can handle at the moment: Change the location of the files within a torrent that has been previously moved. I read here that it's not recommended to move the files externally from under the client, but what happens when it's actually Deluge moving the files? Case in point:

  • One set of files and two separate torrents (cross-seeding)
  • Use 'Move Storage' on one of the torrents to move the files to a different location
  • Now, the second torrent becomes "orphanaged" because the files were already moved, so 'Move Storage' won't work for this torrent
  • I tried selecting both torrents and the select 'Move Storage' but it only works for the first one, the second one keeps the same Save Path

I tried renaming in the Files tab including the full directory path and although it works, the name is changed to the parent folder which is not good for organization or identifying different torrents under the same parent folder. Even worst, if the new location is on another drive, the name becomes the drive letter. Also, the Save Path remains the same, displaying the old path.

I searched and read many posts and tickets and have not found the answer to this. I find it unlikely that I'm the first or the only one running into this same issue so I apologize in advance if I missed the answer. If indeed it's currently not supported, I'd be happy to create a ticket for future implementation, as I think a feature to change the Save Path without triggering any kind move action would be very useful.

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