[SOLVED] Torrents added after 15 active start Paused

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[SOLVED] Torrents added after 15 active start Paused

Postby spydoor » Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:45 pm

I'm fairly new to Deluge and struggling to find a solution to this issue. I've searched this forum and google, finding similar problems but they either relate to libtorrent 1.1 or are solved by disabling Auto Manage, which my torrents do not have set.

OS: Windows 10
Python: 2.7
Deluge: 1.3.13
I run deluged-debug.exe and deluge-web-debug.exe as services (setup using nssm and running under local system)

Everything works as expected until I have 15 active torrents, then any new torrents added are added in the Paused state.
If I manually set the new torrents to Resume they start downloading. This is fine as a workaround, but I'd like to get to the bottom of this.

I have my queue settings as follows (although I don't think it's this as they aren't getting queued):
Total active: -1
Total active downloading: 60
Total active seeding: 40

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Well, now I feel stupid.
Turns out that although the UI was telling me that my torrents weren't auto managed, they actually were!
I fixed the issue by changing the following line in core.conf as follows:

Code: Select all

"auto_managed": false,

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