Question about local VM Seedbox and DNS Leaks?

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Question about local VM Seedbox and DNS Leaks?

Postby seanvree » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:53 am

I got I can go to a from a broswer...but that's just testing the browser. So I'm wondering if I'm fully protected:

Setup: ISP: Comcast
Host: Windows 10E

I'm using a VM Windows machine as a client to my host. My host has two NICs:

Primary nic: IP4: Static, DNS: Auto / IPV6: enabled DNS: Auto
Secondary NIC (bound to VM): IP: Static, DNS: Auto / IPV6: Disabled

VirtualBox VM
Windows 10P
Deluge as a windows service
VPN: OpenVPN to Torguard
NIC: IPv4: Static, DNS: Auto

I know I can run a, which DOES show my VPN, but that only tests the browser, is there anyway to test the Torrent Traffic?

I have the ExtIP plugin and it's showing my dedicated VPN IP, but what about DNS?

Everything is working fine, just wondering if I'm fully protected.

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Re: Question about local VM Seedbox and DNS Leaks?

Postby dukiethecorg » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:55 pm

Try the test torrent from Torguard:

That will show if your torrent client is leaking

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