Copyright Notice using Proxy + Blocklist?

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Copyright Notice using Proxy + Blocklist?

Postby dondraper2 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 7:44 pm

I've always been super careful online, I had never received a copyright notice before and am looking for some feedback from the forum.

I received my first and hopefully last Copyright Infringement letter and with all the caution I've taken I was very shocked when I saw it. I've considered other bittorent clients as I've read that this has happened to a couple other Deluge users, but I am a huge Deluge fan. Not a fan of anything else really after trying them all so I'd just prefer this to work properly.

I use PIA for my proxy connection, Blocklist add-on enabled and use a iBlocklist's Anti-infringement list via that I pay for annually.

Here are my current settings for Deluge 1.3.13:

Network Connections

Proxy Connections


The copyright infringement letter I received indicated the port number and it was not 1080, it was on one of the randomly generated ports:
- ------------- Infringement Details ----------------------------------
Title: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Timestamp: 2016-12-XXXX:XX:XXX
Port: 52567
Type: BitTorrent
Torrent Hash: 15b0e069b5885c16fa2a104680a344e488c6a2b6
Filename: Anthony.Bourdain.Parts.Unknown.S08E04.720p.HDTV.x264.mp4
Filesize: 508 MB
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Since the letter I downloaded a program I used to use, but no longer find very useful until now, PeerBlocker. I set it up and added the infringement list and was astonished when I started Deluge. With absolutely no torrents at all added I received tons and tons of flagged connections through the random incoming/outgoing ports:

Now I am not a true believer in block-lists so I am aware those IP's being blocked could be ANYTHING not posing a threat ...but I am concerned. I then changed the ports from random to specific ranges and asked my firewall to block all outgoing and incoming connections within those ranges ...and then any torrents/magnet links added would not connect and download at all. I also found the after shutting down and starting Deluge a few times it would randomize the port number even though that option was disabled.

I've since gone back to my researched setup which all the pics are from above. I am fairly concerned and would truly appreciate any feedback please and thank you!

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Re: Copyright Notice using Proxy + Blocklist?

Postby gderf » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:41 am

1) Are you using any third party test tools such as:

to verify that your proxy is actually working before you load any other torrents or magnet links?

2) The concept of Incoming and Outgoing ports is meaningless when using a proxy. It doesn't matter how you set these, and the Incoming Connections test will always fail.

3) I would be very leery of using the Blocklist Plugin and Proxy in combination. They may interact in a way that prevents the proxy from working properly or at all.

4) If the Infringement Letter details were 100% accurate (you really were torrenting the mentioned file, that really was your real IP address, and the time of infringement was correct) then one conclusion that can be reached is that your proxy failed and Deluge was connecting to the swarm using your real IP address. Exactly how that happened is what you need to concentrate on finding.

5) Is there anything in the Infringement letter that would indicate that your proxy provider had any involvement in handling this complaint?
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Re: Copyright Notice using Proxy + Blocklist?

Postby Robin » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:14 am

If you are really concerned about your privacy, I would advise using a seedbox, or use a virtual machine that is connected to a vpn, with a kill switch that shutdowns the torrent client if the connection is lost. I tried both, and with a seedbox you get much much better speeds, but it costs you more then just a vpn.

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