Feature request: auto shutdown

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Feature request: auto shutdown

Postby VicS » Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:10 pm

Hello everybody,

I just heard about and downloaded Deluge yesterday. So far it seems very, very good. The interface is easy to use and I'm getting much better download speeds with much less taxing of computing resources than I had been with my old torrent client.

At this point I have one feature request and one tiny quibble.

What I'd love to see is a feature that automatically shuts down my computer(Win 7 64-bit) when the last torrent has finished downloading. At this point, that's the one major feature I miss from uTorrent. (The other minor feature I miss is seeing the "completed on" column but I I don't want to be pushy). I did download the Scheduler plug-in but I don't see that function in it, although I'm perfectly willing to say I could just be missing something really obvious.

My one quibble -- and from what I can tell it's a known one -- is that Deluge didn't seem to shut down properly yesterday. I haven't tried shutting it down today, so I don't know if the issue will repeat itself.

Anyway, thanks to the devlopment team for all your hard work.

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