Deluge 1.3.0-RC1, some other observances

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Deluge 1.3.0-RC1, some other observances

Postby silekonn » Sun May 30, 2010 6:12 am


I was also looking for an open source uTorrent alternative and am trying Deluge. Here are some questions, suggestions and issues that should be addressed:

Please show download priority on folders. When using torrents with 50+ directories, this is very helpful (this could be an option if it removes visual appeal).

I received 'error 5', which I would assume is due to disk full..? The status should recalculate size to include "Do Not Download"s.

Trackers bugs:
Deluge cannot successfully remove a tracker on every attempt. It will take as many as half a dozen or more attempts before a tracker leaves the list. When they are removed, the trackers do not renumber (prioritize).
Trackers can only be singularily removed... VERY annoying when you would like to add a list of 40+ open source trackers if yours has no seeds. Deluge needs shift support to remove trackers.
Tracker status is non-existant (x 40). This speaks for itself (see above).
It would also be helpful if tracker status was a column in the U.I.

The tray icon click to close is now broken. Previously, you could click to open and click again to close.

The installer needs attention. A complete removal of the previous version and GTK2 should not be necessary (all ratios are removed).

An option to "Remove Data to Recycle Bin" would be helpful. After clicking the wrong torrent several GB's later, agreement with this statement.. is obvious.

The largest deterrent to adoption of Deluge is its outright efficiency. When attempting to download a torrent with the tiny 'u' and it tops 400KB/s in only a few minutes, and the same in Deluge, with the same Bandwidth and Queue settings (and connected hosts and peers), offers download speed at one quarter of the alternative. Attempting the minimums recommended in the site's bandwidth guide yield no improvement. The severe lack in bandwidth capability (or proclivity to display it accurately, as was suggested) could be a major deterrent.
If this is an issue of choking, it is a non-issue for private or ratio based trackers, and should be removed outright (you obviously cannot be unfair when using a private tracker that requires equal or greater amounts of upload bandwidth to the download). There is likely an extreme majority (anyone have some data?) of users that have asymmetric connections, and forcing users to wait for a download at their 3Mbps upload speed when they could blaze it in at over 30 is, might I say, ridiculous. If this is a problem of using the libtorrent protocol or rewriting communications anew, please accept my apologies and understand that this is a vulnerability in the functionality of the Deluge software that many will be unwilling to cope with.
If choking is such a high-priority issue, those involved in the project may consider a _"non-choked whitelist"_ that could allow private trackers with strict ratio enforcement to be excluded from the otherwise painfully slow downloads. I am sure the little green man would be a the top of the list of places that request immunity due to their obvious control of the "protocol abuse" problem (scenario) due to their ratio enforcement and also extremely well controlled invite system (once monthly, and also to some effect those invited will auto-ban the inviter if the invitee is banned).

Lastly, there were already comments that Deluge does not combat system power states, and so I would recommend an interim solution such as "Press Scroll-lock twice every x minutes." A small utility called NoSleep! will work on all systems (tested on XP & 7-64) and is available at for those who are dissatisfied.

This is a great program in the making and continued progress and improvement is unquestionable.


P.S. The connection utilized for the referenced Deluge installation is 30Mbps by 3Mbps, uncapped, on an L.G.A.1366 system with a good amount of power. My chosen settings are uncapped download and upload, with 300 connections, 6 uploads, 50 half-open, 25 per second, and 150/10 for the per-torrent. Twenty active torrents and 15 downloading, 20 seeding were chosen because I often have torrents with zero seeds/peers. The "Bandwidth Tweaking" guide is helpful and should be included: ... thTweaking . I welcome your comments.

EDIT: The system tray icon click for minimize works once.

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