In your Opinion, what is the best Torrent Client and Why?

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Re: In your Opinion, what is the best Torrent Client and Why?

Postby Crawfort » Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:49 am

Shryp wrote:Obviously it is Deluge. I switched from uTorrent for the client/daemon model as I thought that was better for remote access than the webgui of other clients as well as the open source nature.

I mostly care about stability and multi-instance support. So while not useful for me - qB is great as a desktop client for personal use in the same way that µT used to be, so if that is your use case than qB is probably the best one for you. It's probably worth trying some others out - Transmission and Deluge are very stable and equally user friendly. You can try Tixati and others as well, but I would recommend sticking with the Big 3 because they will probably always enjoy private torrent tracker support if you ever decide to go that route, which Tixati and others will not. I personally use Deluge because it's easy to spin up dozens of instances of deluged, each with several thousand torrents seeding. When you're seeding 100K torrents, this multi-instance support and a powerful API are essential for management.

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