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Agressiveness of deluge a myth?

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:06 pm
by mhertz
Ive read countless times on forums/reddit etc that deluge has very agressive peering/seeding/uploading whatever, and that it consistently gives better ratios on private trackers.

I'm personally suspecting this is BS, but would love to get an opinion of this from the devs or others in the know.

I read about rtorrent in an article about patching the code to be more agressive, where they stated the time rtorrent by default uses to re-announce to the tracker for getting more peers, where 30min, and could be e.g. patched to 10min(another place I read deluge does this every 5 mins, which in part was where its agressiveness lies, but isn't this libtorrent specific and not deluge-related persay?). Also with rtorrent, it was suggested to change the default time of 6 mins for checking "non-data-giving" peers for new data to obtain from them, to instead e.g. 3mins. I was wondering what deluge defaults to on the above also.

Many times I hear this and that are faster than this and that torrent-app, but imho i'm guessing it's mostly because of not being connected to the exact same swarm/seeds/peers in each client, or, different settings(default or user-specific) defined in each client. more than any specific agressiveness of said client used, but don't know for sure though. Also if deluge isn't more agressive, then is libtorrent then more than some other libs/apps in your opinion..

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Agressiveness of deluge a myth?

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 9:57 pm
by Shryp
LibTorrent is highly customizable. You can use the ltconfig plugin to adjust almost anything with the way LibTorrent behaves.

Re: Agressiveness of deluge a myth?

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 12:08 am
by mhertz
Thanks for your reply and yes I know the plugin. Still the question remains about if the supposed agressiveness of deluge(by default) is a myth or not ;) Btw, I read a ticket on the libtorrent tracker where one wanted to get the re-announce to tracker lowered from 30 mins to something lower and arvid was reluctant implementing it because of among other issues it could be used for DDOS'ing... So with that specific bittorrent-feature it seems libtorrent/deluge isn't more agressive than e.g. rtorrent, which is often stated to be less agressive... Damn, just typing this makes me feel uncomfortable... I'm almost positive it's morons writing these things about this and that is more agressive, lol :) Note, of course I know it's possible to tweak libtorrent or other torrent-app for beeing more "agressive", but we are here talking about I believe standard bittorrent-features which i'm guessing should be following spec on most of these things like e.g. re-announcing to trackers every 30 mins etc. Note, i'm honestly guessing here, as I said, I do not know much about this and also don't know the actual spec either... I again highly suspect that if one torrent app e.g. downloads/uploads much faster than another client, then it's either a misconfiguration like non-forewarded port, or a bug in the app, but not about which is most aggressive...

Re: Agressiveness of deluge a myth?

Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:32 pm
by mhertz
I lately learned that deluge only connects to the first tracker on multi-tracker torrents, if not errored out, as is following spec and is libtorrent default, but many clients, e.g. utorrent and qbittorrent etc, by default doesn't respect this, so that is atleast a place where deluge isn't more "agressive" than other clients, infact quite the opposite. I enabled the option in libtorrent through ltconfig, and it works for torrents, but not for magnets for some reason, whereas qbittorrent does, with same libtorrent? [EDIT: works with libtorrent v1.0.9, but not with latest v1.1.1] I found out by checking the debug log. Also when checking the UI with that option set, then it seems that deluge doesn't send announces to all trackers at once, but only one at a time in a slow pace, but in the debug-log, you can see that this isn't the case and all is queried at once and the UI is just either slow to update, or only updates when getting a reply/timed-out. I read otherplace that qbittorrent does the announces in parallel whereas deluge does it sequentially, but that's not correct I can see from the debug-log.

Also, Shryp, I didn't actually knew there were so many "agressiveness" options also available through ltconfig/libtorrent, so sorry for my initial reply and thanks alot for your help, mate :) Still, it's common opinion on many places( forum etc etc) that deluge, by default, is a much more agressive client. Again thoughts from people intimately in the know about the code and libtorrent, then I would much appreciate any insights on this please.