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Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:58 pm
by mhertz
I personally wouldn't use purevpn, as they state no logs made, but still gave up said logs to the authorities so a criminal was sentenced to prison. Of course that was good, because he was a scumbag, but why pay for getting tracked, and why use a VPN in first place then.

Many of the VPN's which state "no logs", do infact still log, but it's just often non-identifiable data that's log'ed, e.g. in some cases even time/date-stamps are log'ed(in "non-logging" VPN's), but if the VPN uses shared IP's, then that data still isn't user-identifiable, as many can have that same IP at the time of writing, so one cannot be separated out.

There's also another case, cannot remember the actual name of the VPN provider and too lazy to look it up currently, where the VPN legitimately didn't keep logs as per advertised, but another scumbag still was arrested because of it. How you might think? Well, the VPN provider didn't keep logs, but the actual data-center they utilize/rent, holding the location the scumbag used to connect to the VPN, did infact keep logs.

As long as it's just small-scale personal torrenting, and personally i'd never have the guts to have a seedbox running 24/7 to gain ratio/buffer - don't get me wrong, i'm much intrigued about the whole community of this, and would love to partake(sorta like a dumbed-down version of the actual 'scene' and there 'topsites' i'm guessing), but still, I just feel it's a too big liability. Anyway, I think most VPNs are fine, and better than not using one, and it also help with ISP's shaping torrent-traffic.

Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:29 pm
by Denniss1001
I usually try different options just because I have them. For unblocking, I usually use Hola or Zenmate on my Windows but for P2P, I try to use something with encryption like IB or Ivacy. There's a difference between a proxy and a VPN and also some differences among the various purposes you're using a proxy/VPN for. Since torrent or security seems to be a major reason for using a VPN, I would like to read up a little on why encryption is usually preferred in banking and torrenting cases.

Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:49 pm
by mhertz
About NordVPN I just found this article stating they are owned by a data-mining company and not by who they say they are from: ... s-bereika/

Also, here some info about expressvpn maybe being hong-kong based, or atleast related, despite saying otherwise: ... hong-kong/

Personally i'm now with windscribe, my 3'rd VPN currently. They have a big presence on reddit where the founder and others give support. They are from canada, but state this isn't an issue as data-retention laws aren't regarding VPNs despite popular belief. ... f59fc1e777

They have gotten multiple "DMCA letters" and always respond with nothing to share.

They do log, but minimally and no direct IP logs, just how much traffic used per month, which I think all does to mitigate abuse, e.g. PIA state they don't log, but however do have there own proprietary system for avoiding abuse - how to avoid that without some form of logging??? With windscribe you signup without even needing giving your email and just get a random username, so no IP records/mail-address to track you with/give-away + of-course meshed IPs(many share same IP number for added security).

They are intelligent and e.g. coded there own socks5 server software because dante was way to ineffecient, a notion i've heard before(regarding UDP/uTP).

They also state that you shouldn't trust anyone stating they have no logs whatsoever, as that isn't possible to operate, and that windscribe only keeps what they need for minimal time without anything leading back to you. Everything is listed in there privacy-statements.

For instance, most VPNs have a parallel-connections limit, e.g. 3 or 5 concurrent connections, and so use RADIUS or something along that name, which is software for controlling that - this software keeps the logs afterwards indefinitely, so you would also have to have a script running continually to delete those records, this is just one example, which a non-logging VPN should prove they run(or even know about!) - Windscribe has no connection-limits btw.

Here is an example of ipvanish from 2016, though under previous owner but nonetheless, gave detailed IP and traffic data of user to third-party despite claiming zero logs made/saved: ... thorities/

The only bad thing about windscribe is that they don't have port-forwarding yet, but they are working on it and coming soon they state. Remember though that not having port-forwarding doesn't mean you cannot upload, as that is still possible despite popular belief through outgoing connections as the spec is asymetrcial in contrary to kazza and edonkey etc - lol, I remember those days with running kazza light and later emule, before torrenting got big :)

I'm not getting anything out of this "review" btw :)

On the other side however, PIA is hard to beat with there low price and port-forwarding included.

If I didn't think about the price, I think I would use airvpn from italy, which have up to 20 ports allowed forwarded and have open-source client, VPN over tor, or ssh, ssl etc and is operated by people in the know you can clearly read between the lines when looking through docs or there help-messages.

So my recommendation would probably be PIA for low price and airvpn for really good one(I think, and know people using it) and to look out for windscribe also as potentional contender.

Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:20 pm
by hmderek
I've been using Torguard for a while, but I'm seriously considering switching to ExpressVpn. That said, I'd switch to any half decent VPN provider that can give me better speeds than I've been getting. Recently got a fiber connection that gets me around 600-700 mbits. Best I've been getting is 120mbit with Expressvpn. Torguard was around 70. Though I still want to do some more testing.

Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:47 pm
by Docchemy
I can recommend Sursfhark VPN. It is a new one so it is pretty rapid, it supports torrenting and it has zero log policy. It is based in the British Virgin Islands so it has no data retention laws.

Re: What VPN do people use?

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:17 am
by Cas
I have a feeling this topic is attracting too much marketing spam so I am locking it.