So what info can be obtained from using a torrent?


So what info can be obtained from using a torrent?

Postby throwaway123 » Mon May 25, 2015 7:45 pm

So i understand when you seed/leech a torrent, your IP is available to others who are also connected to the swarm. But I've read that its also possible to find all the files you're seeding/leeching based on your IP. Is this true? Wouldn't you need a copy of all the torrents for all the files you're seeding in order to do this? Or do you just need one torrent to join the tracker, and then see all files for that tracker youre seeding? So you'd need at least one torrent per tracker you're connected to in order to find all files being torrented.

Can the torrent itself identify you? Say i have a torrent and seed. If i turn on a VPN, my IP has changed. But does the torrent uniquely identify me as the same person, regardless of the IP change? Is this different for public vs private trackers?

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