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what makes me want to go back to uTorrent

Posted: Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:17 am
by Ivanovich
I used uTorrent for 5 years straight, however after clean install of windows i decided to go with and open source software, hence i got Deluge.
Its great client with bunch of features/options/plugins and it don't require any libraries (.net / java / visual basic redistributables etc), however every day i used it makes me want to switch back to uTorrent for convenience and windows looking interface. Here is few things that i find frustrating:

  • Interface style and icons looks like program is created in Java for me as windows user its very frustrating as hate Java. On other hand all Linux GUI i tried look kind of similar, but themes functionality would be greatly appreciated.
  • I cant seem to get maximum speed of 1.9MB/s i had with uTorrent with Deluge i never seen it go more than 1.5MB/s and it takes while longer to get to max speed with uTorrent i had 1.9MB/s in 10 minutes or so.
  • There is no downloaded/completed tab on the left instead there is "seeding" tab that only appears when you have downloads 100% completed. (read next)
  • When you start Deluge torrents that "on queue" (above max downloads) stay with status "queued" even if they are 100% completed and only appear in "seeding tab" when they they off queue. Would be nice if client could track completed torrents on start up.
  • Right click and "Open Folder" option on completed/incomplete torrent just opens folder where its located and i have more than 100 folders and files in there, with same luck i can put shortcut to downloads folder on my desktop.
  • After closing window process stays working indefinitely in windows 7 64bit and has to be terminated with task manager.
  • When you download one file out of entire torrent and have option to pre-allocate space Deluge allocates space for entire torrent rather that one selected file, however in Deluge interface it shows download size of that 1 file.
With that said i am still going to use Deluge, but hope authors fix this annoyances in next versions.

Re: what makes me want to go back to uTorrent

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:24 pm
by Ivanovich
Sorry guys as much as i want i cannot stay with Deluge at this point (v1.3) have to switch back to uTorrent only real reason is i am getting 0.3 - 0.8MB/s when i my capacity is 1.9MB/s. Perhaps i check it out in later versions.

Edit: just installed utorrent and added same exact links to download and got sped 1.9MB/s from only first 3 torrents on the list, with Deluge i had 30 active torrents and speed was like 0.3MB/S this morning.