Utorrent going malware(moreso anyways)


Utorrent going malware(moreso anyways)

Postby arrow189 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:31 am

From a recent announcement on the official utorrent forums:

The next major change you will see is a fresh approach to creating a no-nonsense and free torrenting experience. You are all very familiar with how we have paid the bills so far. These new changes mark our next step towards finding that difficult balance between keeping our lights on and providing a positive user experience. This new build will display a featured torrent at the top of your torrent list. This featured torrent space will be used to offer a variety of different types of content. We are working towards bringing you offers that are relevant to you. This means films, games, music, software...basically anything that you will find interesting. We may not get it right on the first try but we will continue to improve our efforts based on your feedback.


Your chief competitor just slapped its users in the face by announcing it will be turning into adware. The bloated, insecure, internet explorer-based app store bullshit was bad enough, but now you're going to have utorrent users flocking away in droves.


Re: Utorrent going malware(moreso anyways)

Postby Tufa » Fri Sep 07, 2012 2:02 am

I have 865 torrents in my uTorrent, and I need to change platform.
The uTorrent is a real mess when it comes to seeding. I would prefer if it was possible to
transfer the torrents in the uTorrent in some way into the Delunge.

The recent versions of uTorrent are slow and also somewhat buggy. Things that used to work
don't do so any more.

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