What Firewall software should I use?


What Firewall software should I use?

Postby Drake1132 » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:02 pm

Hi everyone,

So I used to use uTorrent. I had problems with the latest updates to it, and the forums there said that it could be a problem with my ZoneAlarm Firewall software (which apparently causes issues for a lot of people on uTorrent), so I switched to Comodo Firewall instead. After the change, I still had problems with uTorrent (though different problems) and decided to instead try some other torrent client, so I picked up Deluge.

Now the problem I have is that Comodo, despite having correct setups, and having it set to never use balloon popup notifications, and being set to gaming mode, it will still minimize fullscreen applications like movie players and games from time to time (especially when it makes an update to itself). The people at the Comodo forums refuse to accept that it is a problem with their software (they claim it is a system problem and all auto-update software can cause issues like that), only I have never had any problems with *any* other software doing such a thing *ever*. In fact, I used to use Comodo before I picked up ZoneAlarm and I switched to ZoneAlarm because of this same problem (and then forgot why I switched, because I used ZoneAlarm for over a year). So I want to dump Comodo for a new Firewall program, but I need to know what Firewall software I should theoretically be able to use with Deluge without problems.

I'm running Dleuge 1.3.1 with libtorrent version on WindowsXP Home SP3.

So if someone (or several someones) could please suggest a Firewall program that I could use, preferably something that you have personally used without problems and find to be an effective security measure (as opposed to something that looks pretty but doesn't do much), I'd really appreciate it. I would be willing to go back to ZoneAlarm (assuming it works fine with Deluge), but I had a couple of other minor complaints about it, so other suggestions would be great too.

Thanks much,

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Re: What Firewall software should I use?

Postby Cas » Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:32 am

On Win XP I used to use Eset Smart Security but I actually ditched all softwall firewalls and rely on my router to protect my network.

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Re: What Firewall software should I use?

Postby Globulus » Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:19 pm

I use Comodo Firewall on XP and Seven.
It's free and really nice to use with everything you need.

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