Can I get the same functionality as my complex setup?


Can I get the same functionality as my complex setup?

Postby Flook » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:49 pm

I spent a long time creating a fully automated torrent system on my htpc that runs in a virtual pc and people always tell me that sabnzbd does all the things my system does but it's for nzb files. Upon looking for a torrent client like sabnzbd, I found this one.

My main question is (with plugins) am I able to get the same functionality as my setup? Probably be easier to look at my post of the setup on the xbmc forums.

Some things it does is monitor folders for finished downloads and runs automated processes based on what folder it is. For movies it unrars them to a new folder with the name of the parent directory containing the rars, runs therenamer via command line (which renames the movie properly and moves it to the final directory), runs ember media manager via command line to download the library data, and then updates my xbmc library. Tv does the same thing but also emails me when I get a new show. The system keeps the original completed torrents for two days, or more based on rules, so that they have time to seed and then deletes them.

Would be cool if I could most of that functionality with one program. Makes things a lot more simple.


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