Auto Managed Seeding Questions

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Auto Managed Seeding Questions

Postby LSD » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:11 am

Hello all. I have read the FAQ so just to get that out of the way i understand how and why the auto managed works. BUT....

What i'm wondering is i know that you can turn OFF the auto managing and that it is the equivalent of basically 'force seeding' like in Azuerus. My questions are these.

In the options 'que' if you set all the settings to -1.0 (the infinite setting) Would this not make all the torrents not act like they are being force seeded/not managed? Because at that point wouldnt the seeds have infinite seed time making them all basically act like they are forced seeding forever? Or would you still have to take Auto managing them OFF too make them still properly act like forced seeding torrents and not having one prioritizing over another?

The reason i'm asking, i'm on only private trackers and never had a problem seeding back to certain sites in a timely manner but lately i've had a hell of a time till i read the FAQ and looked into auto managing and realized that they give priority based on seed cycles and seeded time. Once i force seeded them things seem to be going much smoother cause it was giving music torrents i'm seeding priority because they had seeded next to nothing back and been seeding for 2+ weeks etc over the new torrents from a 0-day scene tracker.

My other question is that even though they are being force seeded/not managed, they still have seed #'s, like they do when they ARE being auto managed. Is this affecting anything at this point or is the number just simply there for no real reason cause its not relevant anymore now that auto-managing is off?

Lastly is there a way to turn OFF auto managing altogether so i dont have to manually do it on every torrent? Thats what i was trying to get at by making the infinite setting in all the que settings?

Thx for your time all.

Regards :)- LSD

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Re: Auto Managed Seeding Questions

Postby andrelec1 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:28 am

i Didn't understand why we can't turn off the manager ...

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Re: Auto Managed Seeding Questions

Postby Team503 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:01 pm

You can by manually editing the CONF file:

Line 26 should be as below to disable auto manage.

"auto_managed": false,

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