2 quick questions

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2 quick questions

Postby LSD » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:41 am

Hi there. I have to say 1st of all i love the client. I tried utorrent2 and ... well lets just leave it at i was so fed up i deleted it in a fit of rage after 2 days and i'll never go back lol.
Btw i thought of more then 2 questions so i'm sorry about the misleading title lol.

Here are my well..there was originally only 2 questions but i kept remembering things and didnt want to make a bunch of threads lol :)

1. next announce: Is there a way to change the announce times? Some of mine are announcing at 42 min + and i was hoping i could speed this up signifigantly.

2. When you 'open folder' on a torrent it just takes me to the F: drive, not the actual folder the rar's/torrent is in, is there any way to do this?

3. Sometimes on some trackers its showing 0 seeds and 0 peers but if i reboot the client it corrects itself. Is this an announce timing out issue or? ...

4. I've always used Azuerus 2504 for years now.. do you have 'force seed' torrents in Deluge so that it doesnt time out to the tracker when seeding?

5. is there a way to add more spots to the dropdown menu where you want to put torrents besides the original one you put in the config? Or just do it manually?

One last thing, i'm not sure why but sometimes Deluge just when i click it from my tray to see it randomly has this BIG weird size..and i have to keep resizing it lol. Bug or?

I know its alot of questions i'm sorry for asking a whole list of them :) Its my first new client in probably.... 6 years? So i'm learning fresh again lol.

Thx for time all :) Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: 2 quick questions

Postby trektorrents » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:31 pm

Please be sure to list the Version of Deluge and the O/S you're using whenever posting for help.

Welcome to Deluge!!

1.) Please do not adjust announce times. Deluge obeys TTL on these, which are determined by the tracker you use. Speeding up announces is rude (puts undue stress on the tracker) and on some private trackers can get you in trouble.

2.) Open folder works perfectly well for me, on Windows. Again, important to know the Version and O/S you're using.

3.) Just leave this alone. Some trackers are offline a fair bit, and won't reply. Some torrents use multiple trackers, and you may be reporting to one that has no peers communicating with it. It will sort itself with time.

4.) There's no Force Seeding, but there is Managed and Non Managed. Switch a torrent to "Un Managed" and you can start it with the Start command.

Right click, options, auto managed, OFF
Then highlight and click the Start on the tool bar on the application.

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