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[Application Plugin] RemoTorr Remote Torrent Access Client (Windows 10 UWP)

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 8:02 am
by WilliamABradley
Store Page:
It is a Universal Windows Platform app, meaning that it will run on all Windows 10 Platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, IoT (e.g. Raspberry pi), Xbox (Coming soon), Surface Hub, and even Windows Mixed Reality (HoloLens, VR, etc).

Currently it supports most of the Web API, including the Labels plugin, file priorites, modifying Torrent Settings, even a fully mapped version of Server Settings.

This App supports multiple Torrent Servers at one time, including multiple different types of Servers, that will notify you when any Torrent Completes.

Currently supported Torrent Clients:
-Deluge as of V1.2.0.0 (Tested V1.3.13 - V1.3.15, but should work with older versions)