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Re: Post your execute plugin scripts!

Postby mhertz » Thu Nov 17, 2016 8:14 pm

Have you specifically run the test script I posted through deluge's execute plugin? I don't mean running manually what you wrote above. It's to figure out if it's a deluge plugin bug or not?

My hunch is that it's probably just needed to do e.g.


In your original script.

Sorry, I can't test as am currently running qbittorrent-nox and not deluge(I go back and fourth often as can't decide fully, lol), and with that app's execute functionality I also have to play around with double-quotes in various arrangements to get it to work right with spaces in names/paths, though it's a shell-scripting issue and not app related. (I'm currently working on an execute script for that app which mimicks deluge's labelplus plugin's autolabels functionality to auto move downloaded content into different paths based on file-extensions, like *.(mkv|mp4|avi) into ~/video and music into ~/music etc. and cleanup/delete useless crap like *.(txt|nfo) etc)

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Re: Post your execute plugin scripts!

Postby romprod » Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:06 am


Is there a way to see the output of this plugin when it launches a .bat file from windows.

It's a royal PITA trying to debug my script blind folded! :)


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