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Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:03 pm
by mhertz
Waste. The actual people running the PIA VPN service don't recommend running VPN and proxy together, as it's a waste and un-needed additionally.

I'm guessing most use the VPN if they have both, like from PIA.

PIA added the proxy(and the ppbt protocol version) for situations where openvpn isn't supported on the platform, so as an alternative.

Personally I prefer a proxy, because little better speed, and program-dependant, as I only need it for torrenting(though I have scripts that do the same anyway with the VPN, but linux only, as it's a little harder in windows to do, or atleast not as simple). Also, running openvpn along-side takes 22% CPU extra of my I3 intel CPU, because of the encryption, which isn't really needed for torrenting, except if beeing throttled(can be forced in torrent client too, but will lower the amount of connectable peers).

Newer versions of utorrent and qbittorrent, with proper settings applied seems to work good, but deluge needs ltconfig plugin and 2 options defined to be safe: force-proxy and anonymous-mode, where the former is the most important and the later isn't that much but still nice. If not using ltconfig, then you're only good until a possible connection-drop occure and then libtorrent failsafes back to non-proxy regular connection instead.

Proxying depends on the app to be bug-free to not leak your ip, so you need to trust or test your app with it. Btw, libtorrent 1.1.1 has added incoming TCP connections supported now through socks5 bind command, but I haven't tested if it works good yet, but pretty cool imho. Before, such was only supported through UDP, so PEX and DHT bound incoming-connections, and uploads through outgoing-connections of course.

If using a VPN, then bind the torrent client to the local VPN IP, to get 100% kill-switch functionality.

If using a proxy, then use https trackers only, so the full url isn't seen by your ISP, only the first part of it, so they can't see release name of torrent, but just that some torrent-site is used. Some have reported getting DMCA letters with newer versions of utorrent, and with proper settings applied(as seen from screenshot), but there ISP was always comcast or verizon, which has spying-software installed from the industry(read an article on it posted by PIA on there page once) and reports too them when infringements are seen, and i'm here guessing the letter was gotten through using a non-https tracker, so just that the torrent meta-file was downloaded i'm guessing triggered it, but I don't know and am guessing here only.

Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 5:02 am
by AlisaM31
I prefer use VNP, I know that using VNP and proxy is not recommended.

Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:01 am
by willieaames
Proxy is a waste, lots of downtime and you wont know when your ISP send you infringement letter.

Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:11 pm
by mhertz
A paid proxy has no worse downtime than a VPN(they use multiple IPs in different countries too, just like VPNs) and you won't get a letter if using a libtorrent-based client with force-proxy enabled or newer utorrent(-server) properly configured too, and using https trackers just in case. You get full IP masking then, which is what's needed here, as encryption is only useful for throttling in our circumstances, and even then, can be forced in client alternatively though with lesser connectable peers.

Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:28 am
by sunnyfruit1
Proxy is good when you have created a web site, pointed it to some DNS and need to know if all is set correctly. It is often not possible to do that straight away due to propagation. In such case one can use proxy. It is also good when your country does not allow you to play certain games, for example some countries have gambling games illegal. Good that there are still online games that do not have any restrictions like . I am a gamer and play lots of games all the time so it is really important for me. I have never used VPN though.

Re: Proxy better?

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:08 pm
by alanz
I'm not sure that proxy is better but it's quite convy in use and free.